2015 Saracen Mantra 17”  



The Mantra is a model which has been developed by Saracen and has always been a very popular and trusted model throughout the mountain bike market.

Starting from the front this bike has front suspension with lock out to assist on climbing. The wheels are 27.5” diameter. This wheel size is ideal for a bike of a medium size as you achieve the extra rolling speed, making this a fun fast mid range model mountain Bike.

The brakes are from the Shimano range.

The shifters being the latest 3 x 9 set up from the Shimano range.

The wheels are quick release as is the seat post.

As you can see from the above, this is a great used bike ready to hit the trails on.

Feel free to come and view the bike. You are welcome to test ride the bike once payment has been made.


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